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Red blue pill
You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
I took the red pill and have been staying in Wonderland since then. I knew the Wonderland and its simulations from past experience. The struggle to discard all belief in things which are not absolutely certain and then establish what can be known for sure. Welcome to the Desert of the Real hypervisor.
He stroke first. I was informed officially the evening the sky was scorched. I was aware of his existence back in the days of the "Black Horse". A space stamp I felt but did not know thoroughly. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.
As I followed the white rabbit, the interpretation of the electrical signal was fascinating. He abused the system in every possible way just to create his future queen who melts in her mirror. It has been told that he was going to save her world.
Déjà v
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 2 4
2010 endings of a decade...
Still here, analyzing my life, a dynamical system that is highly sensitive to initial conditions … still rendering long-term prediction impossible in general. "Frying" your brain in order to "keep" a calm and safe future.
Simplicity is genius. The hard part is to work it. Like a detail which can make a world upside down finally collapse. Auto destruction sequence resetting what is lost and can be saved.
As a "wingman" I have rescued many lives. I am a living part of a team. A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members. There is no "I" in a team.
As I always say "strength in unity".
I will stand last if I have to. I will die trying if I have to.
For a better world.
Our world.
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 2 20
2010 tears
In these days of war
We shall be devoured by cold
Because we left our heart be poisoned
By the false strength of pride
Empty values blinding our eyes
Leading towards our fall
What is left to be done
When you don't know where to stand
It is easier to be drowned in an oblivion sea
In these waters where we lost our golden key
Straggling to find the path to conscience
Using our tears as marks.
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 3 3
In a constructive chaos
I shall find the golden spiral
Free from all dimensions
Omnipotent and omniscient
No bounds of knowledge
In a ordered chaos
Maybe my projection will meet me
Holding flowers of pure energy
A gift from all eons
The one above all
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 3 3
Not told
The air is thin
I can't breath
Recollection of darker thoughts
Trouble my tired mind
Your image dances
in a broken mirror
Trying to keep me calm
as I disperse
The things you said
faith and devotion I reject
Your voice always
made love to me
A happy thought
a million tears
Silent and violent
I tear myself apart
Silent and violent
I keep you safe from harm
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 3 13
Winter plane
The only sound was the gentle clicking of the Faeries' wings
As I was watching the desolated plains and forests
Dreams have no place in this realm anymore
Scattered by useless words and postponed needs
I have given everything to them
I have everything to gain
A delicious irony which led to a simple end
My Faeries cried as my heart demised
What is gone today
Shall not be here tomorrow
The emotional winter came
to a heart as dark as mine
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 3 6
full of secrets
I knew I man full of secrets
Life fragments from others
They tell him their secrets
And he tells nothing in return
Only silence you could earn
His second name was "the Grave"
A nice place to save
I knew I man full of secrets
I did him a favor
A future to be
I knew I man full of secrets
I took his life
And now I hold the key
I knew I man full of secrets
He looked like me
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 5 5
beautiful words
He had two faces
One for the public
One for his secrets
Young females
Manipulated and exploited
In every possible way
And when the fairytale was over
He would cry alone
Just setting a trap
To attract his next victim
Building a world
With beautiful words
But just words
Pronounced from an empty shell
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 1 16
It might be
I start the day thinking of you
I open my eyes to see what is true
The love you restrain inside your lips
Protected by blades and the poison you sip
You smile at the sky
And wonder how it might be
To hold you in my arms
Until the day that I will not breathe
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 1 8
We are... Forsakens
The light left us and so we did in return
outcasts for our beliefs
the exception to their rules
Hunted by their spite
we embraced again the Shadow
our forgotten mother of virtues
Our appearance changed
but not our inner soul
wishing to be free
The universe will manifest our power
Transcend by our Queen
our love.
The fulfillment will come
our Dark Lady
whatever it costs
The sound of our minds
shall destroy those who stand our way
a will to be free
Remember what we were
What we are
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 2 6
Even now in heaven
there were angels carrying savage weapons
and God said behold
these are my heralds
form and void
Let there be light
to dress the ground in grey
and white
When the warm wind comes
caress the air
embrace the skies
From all the chaos
purity reigns to be resolute
the sound of words I longed for said
I see this kingdom has been won
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 3 16
2009...Morning space oddity...
Ι am still ill...meh! still analyzing my life! philosophical questions during the morning and before the end of a year. The end of a decade. My 3rd decade. Bollocs! Nevermind! This could be a post at a blog eventhough i do not have my own.
I wish i could tear this world apart and build a new one. A better one. Without all this filth which increases my apathy alongside my rage! Remember, patience, discipline! Until...?
Eternity and infinity. The sum total of collective consciousness of all living things in the universe, the embodiment of their life... The spice extends life, the spice expands consciousness, the spice is vital to space travel.
Sometimes i can see myself at the alpha centauri waving me! Flooded with cosmic power! Feeling so bright, feeling so real!
An all-expense-paid trip to your cerebral cortex as you listen to 2969 bpm, your hormones have reached the 'limit up' red point and you experience the best orgasm you ever had until now.
Now and then. Then and after. And t
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 3 11
Surprise Surprise
Surprise surprise
You are down
surprise surprise
you hit the ground
you put a weight
to harvest hate
this is the love
you always saved
season came
time change
I saved a bullet
For the last play
I won the draw
You cursed the day
I left away
To end the pain
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 3 17
Point Of Wired Light by greenleaf-elfy Point Of Wired Light :icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 3 3 The ShipWreck by greenleaf-elfy The ShipWreck :icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 5 6
For I ...
The sweet hand of death
Will caress me once again
Leaving misery alone
Ending the joy of moan
Let the music play
As I finally lay
One last wish
Another soul to lease
Burry me with my eyes open
For I to see the sun
:icongreenleaf-elfy:greenleaf-elfy 6 6


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